Taiwan is famous for its tea. Also having specialized in tea making technique, especially because of the tropical weather of Taiwan drinking tea cold has become a day of life for people here. “CHI Ice Drip” is the perfect apparatus for this job. Other than the conventional way of brewing with hot water, ice dripped tea or coffee is perfectly able to keep the sweetness of the beverage.
“CHI Ice Drip” design features:
1. Dual-Use for make ice drip tea or coffee.
2. The body of the utensils consists of dual-U shape so it can be stored together easily. What it saves is the space while travelling.
3. The air valve installed on the top of the utensil gives control of the drip speed so it can adjust to the various kinds of the ingredients such as tea or coffee.
4. Cover that can be used to be paced with titrator while in use and otherwise used as the cover while stored away.
5. ”CHI Ice Drip” owes its success to its compact design which can be easily be used on the go or be simply stored away in the fridge while making its perfect brew.

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