One major concern of consumers and people nowadays around the world: preserving the environment for a safer future. 8 Pandas was created to respond to this concern.
8 Pandas stands for corporate environmental responsibility, manufacturing products solely using environmentally friendly practices and materials. All of the items we design are made out of renewable resources, natural and biodegradable, using bamboo and rice husks – an ideal alternative to plastics!
The usage of bamboo fiber in tableware and house ware items is a recent and innovative development offering numerous advantages versus other materials. Bamboo is one of the fastest growing plants in the world (no need to use pesticides!), is a renewable resource, which after harvesting can grow back in just 3-5 years period. The manufacturing process itself uses a minimal amount of energy. The end product is sturdy, durable, attractive and completely safe – with a nice warm natural touch. You will like the feel!
All items have received FDA approval and have been tested as dishwasher safe. Eco-designed by a re-known product designer, 8pandas products are not only stylish and

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