ANHER Steak Set

Steak cutlery by ANHER – is a statement of puristic craftsmanship and consummate dining culture. By means of clearly defined stylistic elements it depicts discrete emphasis whilst celebrating the art of antipodes:

The fork, minimalistic tool, absent any curlicues, reduced to its basics.
Benefitting from its plainness and reduced to its essence, through its two-spike design integrated the features of a meat fork, polished at the lower end, complemented by a raw forged hold.

The knife, with an antipodal design, impresses by its gentle line, which continues from hold to the blade. The blade is polished and visibly coming as single element. (Whilst both halts of) the hold is (are) furnished by high-quality velvet smoothed wood, fixed by a Mosaic Pin.

„Clear cut ridges and flowing lines depict antipodal character whilst being in balance.“

The ANHER steak set unites minimalist shape with an archaic seemingly character and first class crafted material. Fork and knife are testament to the handicraft of an age-long cultural history and translates such in an almost playful way into the understanding of the present.

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