Liquor culture is a very important part in the traditional culture of China, Wuliangye in 1995 the „thirteenth Panama International Food Fair“ won the gold medal in Panama, June 2002, „Twentieth International Exhibition“, once again won the only gold medal Liquor cast Wuliangye „medal for eighty years does not fall“ brilliant performance, and Wuliangye as one of the most famous liquor brand Chinese, also to show the world the China liquor cultural charm. Wuliangye is made from five kinds of grain fermented wheat, rice, corn, sorghum and glutinous rice, and is unique in Luzhou flavor liquor. Wuliangye can be regarded as the most honorable and representative banner in Chinese liquor culture. Wu liang ye-Crown, take shape from the crown, elegant lines highlight the noble temperament of Wuliangye, multi prism plane design, let the body more detailed, transparent glass material, in the crisscross of light and shadow, let the traditional liquor culture of modern civilization blooming glory

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