The evolution of the everyday bowl, with an elegant channel and dimples to enhance scooping, sipping & grip.

SCOOPING: The Channel Bowl is the first bowl designed with a center channel, giving your meal a natural resting place to gather as you eat. The pairing spoon nestles in the channel so you can easily scoop those last bites. The interior channel eliminates the need to tilt your bowl and enhances scooping one handed while doing daily tasks, for example holding a hungry toddler on your hip.

SIPPING: The center channel stretches from one side of the bowl to the other, creating the perfect funnel for sipping.

GRIP: The exterior of the bowl was designed with dimples sized for fingertips. This creates a refined yet tactile exterior for a secure grip when carrying, pouring and lifting the bowl.

DESIGN: Crafted to balance both function and design. It not only outperforms against the basic bowl and spoon but is a unique piece for any table setting.

The Channel Bowl was designed by Luke & Lucy. Manufactured by Mudshark Studios in Portland, OR, USA. The Pairing Spoon was sourced from Switzerland – not designed or manufactured by Luke & Lucy

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