OM NOM is a simple design-driven solution, developed for everyone who can’t resist good food and doesn’t believe in diets.
When full, our stomach (man and woman’s) has a capacity of just about 700 ml. With oversized portions it stretches up to 3 litres, in the obese even up to 5 litres. With each excessive feast our stomach grows slightly bigger and we feel full only after a couple bites more. You know where this leads to, right?
The OM NOM bowl is just as big as your full, but not overly stretched stomach.
You will always know how to portion out your favourite pasta, curry or porridge to satiate your hunger, while your stomach will keep its size. Without calorie counting or giving up your fave bites.
The OM NOM bowl helps you measure the size of your everyday meals (no, don’t try it with nutella; just green salad won’t work either). This is how you make sure that your stomach is full after a meal and your brain gets the “happily satiated” signal. It also serves as a visual cue for our mind’s eye to convince us we actually have a FULL stomach.
Design solution for a weight loss domain, which is typically reserved for doctors, nutritionists and health coaches.

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