LifeFuels: The world’s first portable beverage maker.

Consumers increasingly seek out products that positively impact their health and lifestyle. The LifeFuels Bottle is designed, to fit seamlessly into peoples’ lives, providing them with personalized healthy beverages based on their activity and goals throughout their day. The Bottle leverages patent-pending dispensing technology to create drinks from up to three FuelPods stored in its base, each containing up to 15 servings of natural beverage concentrate. Great tasting and healthy beverages are created at the touch of a button on the front, or a swipe within the app. The design blends technology and aesthetics, resulting in an elegant and simple user experience.

A LifeFuels Companion App connects to the Bottle via Bluetooth, and helps users understand exactly how much water to drink, the nutrients they’re getting throughout their day, and which FuelPods will help them meet their personal goals. Additionally, it syncs with activity trackers like Apple Watch and Fitbit to build a holistic view of users’ activity and sleep, and provide more personalized recommendations.“

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