This kind of vacuum cup has important strategic significance for IMISES. First of all, we want to be able to design a vacuum cup that is different from that of the market. Secondly, our target population is young people. The traditional single vacuum cup has not satisfied the taste of young people. Therefore, we hope to provide more quality and trendy products to consumers by designing and driving product development.
The product adopts the fusion application of food grade PC, edible grade silica gel and 304 stainless steel. It can also achieve lasting thermal insulation while ensuring health and harmlessness. The vacuum cup can meet the user’s demand for hot drinks in 24 hours.
In order to make the overall appearance of the product achieve the best results, we conducted a large sample of plastic, silica gel and spray paint. Finally, the metal texture paint is used to match the matte plastic texture to create the best visual effect.
At the same time, IMISES will be sold with different textures of silicone accessories. Users can DIY and increase the interest of the products.

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