Why? Two reasons: First, we’ve figured out how to add a third layer of insulation using a proprietary insulation material to the ever-so-popular, long used dual layer vacuum sealed thermal beverage ware category. This is a real advancement in the category. The added layer has resulted in a 20%+ increase in performance compared to competitive products using similar thickness steel. Secondly, the design of the bottle accomplishes the great design feat of tackling a functional improvement in parallel with aesthetic improvements. True to design legend Dieter Rams principles of design, the shape we’ve created for the collection make it more ergonomic and useful while also enhancing aesthetic beauty. Each vessel contains two flat sides, which feel incredibly natural to hold and easy to grip. Even our large 60oz canteen can be gripped with ease. When you feel it in your hands, it just feels better. It feels right. Beyond that, its beautiful design lines create a unique iconic look inside the relatively stale category. Canteen is offered in 9oz, 16oz, 25oz, and 60oz options. Tumbler is offered in 16oz & 24oz varieties. Both collections are offered in 14 different color ways.

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