Taste Plus 22-in-1 Storage Dining Set, owns excellent performance of space saving, pretty suitable for the small family within four members. 4 bowls, 4 dishes, 1 large soup bowl, and equipped with 4 pieces of soup spoons, 4 pairs of beech chopsticks, and 4 small sauce dishes, it is impressed that so many dining tools could be put inside the bamboo base in all, which brings more elegant kitchen life experience to you. Taste Plus 22-in-1 Storage Dining set has the self-gathering function, what it needs is just a small kitchen space, dust and insect are stopped completely because the rim of bowl is totally closed when it stands on the bamboo base; also, it is very easy to carry outside when you go on a picnic, say NO to the disposable meal boxes; The gathering base is made of Nan bamboo, which has the extraordinary performance to resist moisture and crack; The glaze is shaped through 1300 degrees Celsius, its surface is very smooth and flat, easy to be cleaned and hard to be stained; 2-choice oil dish, you could put 2 kinds of seasoning according to your personal preference, which makes your dining experience more colorful and interesting.

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