Roman faucet inherited the simple, classic, traditional design style, the use of the current advanced mirror surface processing, so that the outline of the tough outline of the distribution of calm and refined, mirror-like character to see the quality of the extraordinary unique Yun, the principle is not behave, Just as Rome’s greatness lies not only in the long history, but in thousands of years of time to be able to embrace the traces of all times together, the accumulation of traces of various periods co-exist under the same sky.This faucet compatible with each During the manufacturing process, so that the outstanding manufacturing processes in each period accumulate in a product stack.
Products using high-quality brass casting, durable, uniform surface,
Surface treatment using innovative ORB black bronze hand-drawn edge process, the edge of a sharp red brushed red edge, and the rich texture of the change, the bathroom is very personal, highlighting personal taste.

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