Whirlpool’s new ‚Space 400‘ built-in fridge, boasts an impresssive 400L volume that offers 40% more capacity than a standard 60cm width model. Taking advantage of a trend towards wider cabinet widths, the capacity is achieved by a 70cm width that also makes its contents more visible and easier to access.

Its spacious interior is enhanced by balconies and drawers crafted from a ‚Crystal Clear‘ material that boosts visibility and offer a view to every each corner of the cavity. This clear view is guaranteed by bright LED lighting equally spaced to surround the interior.
The horizontal bottle holder is designed as an accessory integrated into the back of the shelf to avoid impacting space but that keeps bottles safely organized without rolling as needed.

Space 400 ensures ideal temperature and humidity levels throughout the entire fridge cavity thanks to 6th Sense Fresh Control, its smart sensor-based technology. This constantly monitors relative humidity and temperature variations inside the fridge cavity and can adapt and control these independently via the Fan (for humidity) and the Compressor (to enable temperature reduction).

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