K-Concept is a new lighting system, designed by architect Egidio Panzera to be installed between the kitchen cabinet and top. Designed as a thin sheet of light, the length of its minimal profile accommodates a set of dedicated accessories made from perforate sheet metal or smoked glass. Never resting against the light source, the accessories remain suspended in space with a simple, shadowless design. The real link between the system features is the discrete socket block, which makes custom sizes easy to manage, enabling the extreme tailoring of the composition and making K-Concept a remarkably versatile, functional, and elegant sub-cabinet system.
The K Concept lighting system (with Emotion Dual Color for tuning the light temperature from cold to warm white), not only perfectly illuminates (CRI 90 light) the kitchen environment and the working top, but it’s also decorating them with a touch of light (wall washer effect).
K Concept offers several customization options in terms of panel length, up to 3 meters, different combinations of panels, as well as the dedicated accessories:
.K Socket
.K Fire Protection
.K Shelves
.K Roll Holder
.K Hooks

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