The appearance design of the product originates from the „Smooth pebbles in flowing water“, conveying the message of „Safe, caring and attentive 7*24“. Exquisite lines create modern simplism style while further enhancing the product affinity, breaking the traditional sense of water purifier equipment and narrowing the distance from people. Product design symbol „Water screen“ is presented in the form of breathing light on the water purifier and at the end of faucet, with intuitive real-time feedback of the corresponding product state information and prompts, to create the interactive form of „De-screen“, eliminating the estrangement caused by traditional black screen, and further enhancing the overall sense of appearance. FOTILE’s original NSP membrane chromatography double-effect water purification technology is applied in the product to effectively remove heavy metals while retaining minerals in the water, providing healthy drinking water for the whole family. Meanwhile, brand new filter element replacement method is adopted, making the whole filter element replacement process more humanized.

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