With the worsening of environmental pollution, there is a growing demand for healthy and safe drinking water. This product adopts the world’s leading NSP membrane chromatography double-effect water purification technology, which can effectively remove the heavy metal ions while retaining minerals in the water. The brand new filter element replacement method and more user-friendly replacing operation make the whole filter element replacement process simpler, more efficient and safer. Through the „Angular“ contour line, the product design symbol „Water screen“ is presented in a groundbreaking form of four long light belts, creating an open visual effect in the product main view, with visual feedback of filter element life status and product information, while conforming to the overall appearance contour. Mutual information interaction with host at the end of pure water faucet shows the functional benefits of the product to the user more intuitively. Organic sensor and mineral testing device combined with APP smart drinking water housekeeper allow the user to detect water quality anytime, anywhere, safeguarding healthy drinking water for the whole family.

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