The device is designed to keep track of water usage to charge users accordingly, an innovative idea to make the device more affordable. The used amount can be tracked via a mobile app to help users to improve water drinking habits and to budget their spending.
Its slim, 11cm-thick design minimizes the spatial constraints of its use, enabling the device to fit into any corner of a limited kitchen space.
The clean and soft white body is highlighted with the sophisticated silver-colored faucet, representing its aesthetic features and high-performing functions. It is designed to visualize water dropping down so that the water coming out of the device looks like a natural extension of it.
The portion of high-grade activated carbon blocks is 34% higher than that of other devices, offering a mild and refreshing taste of water.
Two filters are combined as one in its easily manageable one-touch filter exchange system.
Faucet filtering technology is applied to the water outlet that is in constant contact with water and air, initially blocking contaminants at their source.

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