Inspired by a sparkling pebble rounded by water, it is slim and beautifully shaped, breaking free from the design of other uniformly box-like water purifiers, to be placed as a nature-inspired object in your kitchen and to fit into any corner of the space, maximizing overall space utilization.
No single spot is overlooked in the hygienic management of the internal water pathway. For the first time in Korea, it offers “customized sterilization” by producing disinfectant water in three levels depending on water conditions to self-sterilize the water flow paths, filters and the tank all at once. Faucet filtering technology is applied to the water outlet that is in constant contact with water and air, initially blocking contaminants at their source.
Two filters are combined as one in its easily manageable one-touch filter exchange system.
The control panel is insert injection molded, so smoothly rounded without any bumps or gaps. The light on the front side flashes with changes in the water volume from the outlet offering an extra sense of assurance for users watching the water coming out of the device.

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