VUUDH aromatic diffuser is inspired by the identity of brand that brings the memories and inspirations from travelling in each country in Asia and expresses them in the form of unique scent that mixes local art and culture together. So the diffuser represents the bottle that collects all the memories from the travel experience and also the form of Gourd represents the propitious, wealth and forever. Especially in Wanli age (1573-1620) of China, the form of Gourd is applied to use in many occasions such as medicine, liquor or even holy water packaging and also used as the amulet to bring the fortune and get rid of all the bad luck. So VUUDH Aromatic Diffuser packaging that comes in the luxury and contemporary design can represent the mixture of culture and propitious belief of Asian people.The uniqueness of the design is the delicate and natural shape that can relate with the evaporation of essential oil. Too wide of the mouth on top of the diffuser can make the essential oil to evaporate too fast. In the other hand, at the bottom of the diffuser should be stored enough essential oil to extend the usage period. So the Gourd shape is the good solution for all functions of the diffuse

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