The universal mixer-Qwik Wisk
Make perfect vinaigrette dressings, mayonnaise—even stiffened egg whites, foamed milk, and whipped cream!“
– Easy to use: unscrew the lid, pour in the ingredients, put the lid back on. Then simply
activate the handles with an easy up & down action to start the mixer!
-Practical: The non-slip silicone strip on the handle offers a secure grip when preparing and serving.
– Clever : when partially unscrewed, the lid has small openings that allow for adding more liquid ingredients, thus a mayonnaise is done with no interruption in the gesture.
– Stylish: remove the lid and the mixing mechanism if using it at the table.
– Smart: the base also serves as a lid when you want to store whatever dressing you have
– Measures given both in ml and oz.

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