Kitchen appliances are indispensable aids in the modern kitchen. The Turmix kitchen appliances line consists of a standard food processor, a stick blender, a hand-held blender and a juicer and exhibits a design with clean lines and noteworthy styling. Cleverly pared down to the essentials, the design and the sophisticated innovative functionality of each item are impressive. Take for example the stick blender: Its innovate three-bladed Turmix knife and powerful motor make for efficient and clean puréeing while the food processor is equipped with a six-bladed Turmix knife. The beautiful shape of its mixing jug is a visual delight. The hand mixer combines kitchen aids such as a hand-held whisk, stick blender and dough-kneading machine in a well thought-out, multi-functional design. The Turmix Platinum juicer offers a very tough grater surface made of steel as well as offset teeth. It is very efficient, but nonetheless looks like a stylish design object in any kitchen. Thanks to their ergonomic design all these kitchen aids are comfortable and pleasant to use. They are equipped with powerful motors that function quietly and almost without vibration. The Turmix kitchen appliances line unites elegance with a high degree of user-friendly functionality. Chopping, puréeing, mixing and juicing turn into an experience for the senses that will inspire ever new culinary creations.

Stylish kitchen aids

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