THIN10 the new product of Economy Water is a direct flow reverse osmosis system without tank though a high-capacity even 1,6 litre of purified water per minute. With the low-cost system and fine inside and outside design is perfect for residential use. It fits closer places because of the 99mm thinness, even so you can install directly under the sink. THIN10 has a practical front panel opening system and integrated quick connection filters so it is easy to maintain and replace cartridges without any tools. Because of leaking detector system and other security options subserve the comfortable and safety usage. Owing to the unique construction, THIN10 is efficient and economical with its 60% recovery. Our own innovated uniqe microprocessor controls the operation of the water purification system and it gives light signs about the function. If it is necessary also gives voice alarm. The mobile application of THIN10 put wise to cartridge replacement when it is due. By the application the customers and the local distributors can keep contact. The warranty conditions the user manual and important information also can be found in the application.

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