Taiwan possesses abundant bamboo industries, handicrafts and culture – the beautiful island with excellent bamboo products is our homeland. However, in the era of XXI century when technology advances, people prefer fashion and modern products or cheap plastics; the native plantation is being forgotten. The superb water and bamboo are the natural treasure and cultural assets that we are proud of. The Taiwanese tea ceremony is a clear example. The concept of “Refreshing Bamboo” departs from here. Imagine this: when we are drinking the fresh water from our homeland, we grasp the bamboo-like grip. The water in the filter kettle reflects the symbolic pattern of bamboo, while the overlaying matte and transparent surfaces present the beauty of Taiwanese traditions. The design of the bottle echoes with curves and bamboo, meaning the contour of the modern bottle and the pattern of the traditional beauty of bamboo sparkle in their encounter. Drinking water is not merely using a water bottle, but a recalling of the meaning of the cultural memory.

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