Stagg EKG Electric Pour-Over Kettle marries handsome design with flawless functionality for the ultimate brewing experience for coffee lovers. Precision engineered, Stagg EKG helps you perfect your coffee ritual while maintaining a minimal footprint in your kitchen. Since brewing coffee is fundamentally a chemical reaction, Stagg EKG controls the critical temperature element to-the-degree. By turning the dial, you select your desired temperature ranging from 135°F to 212°F, and Stagg EKG’s 1200 watt quick heating element does the rest. When the toggle on the back is switched to HOLD mode, Stagg EKG will maintain your temperature in either Fahrenheit or Celsius for 60 minutes. A sleek LCD screen on the low-profile matte black base indicates the desired “Set Temperature” and the “Real Time Temperature” with an illuminating element to show the heating progress. After your water has heated, use Stagg EKG’s built-in Brew Stopwatch to time your brewing routine. For a comfortable and controlled pour, Stagg EKG’s counterbalanced handle moves the center of mass back toward your hand while the precision pour spout is designed for the optimal flow rate.

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