SOUL, Innovative full autonomous and automatic squeezer. Welcome to a new era. The best just, freshly, squeeze juice, in the smallest possible space, thanks to an innovative & patented squeezing conical system, PCT/EP/2013/070494, PCT/EP2013/072340. Design 360º, cold body, warm soul, looks impressive, sporty and elegant. Push&Juice, just touch one big illuminated button such a lunar eclipse, simplest way to make a signature juice, which falls in an illuminated amphitheater, that enjuice your life!
Making a juice becomes a breeze. There is no longer any need for those endless instructions for use. The unique one full automatic squeezer, that squeezes all kind of citrus, oranges lemons, limes without changing any parts or accessories. Easy to clean, squeezing system is into removable cassette patented, suitable for washing machine.
Innovative technology, conical system, with the new tapered shape of its pressing units, the fruit enters smoothly and perfectly centered, the cleanest cut and meticulous care of the fruit leads to perfect flavor in every drop squeezed. Discover a world of flavour
Designed in Siemens PLM: See Zumex Case Study: Siemens PLM Software

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