Snapbit™ is a hands-free strainer that you just clip onto the rim of the pots and allows you to strain liquid out from the pot.

Most of the strainers in the market they are a separate tool that you need to hold them while straining. Instead, Snapbit™ allows you to strain with ease, create mess no more!

With the special living hinge design, Snapbit™ allows users to fold into different angles, by all means it can fit into ANY size of pots, pans and bowls! Extra-large handle is a feature that allows users to clip with ease. Rubber inner clips that made out of silicone are able to withstand high temperature of the pot rim and body.

Clip on the pot design means you never need to place your strainer in the sink to strain anymore, straightly clip onto the pot and strain to go!

It’’s probably the World’s smallest, lightest and most convenient strainer in the World. It is around one-third of the size and around half the weight comparing with most of the strainers in the market.

It’’s also foldable and allows you to store with ease.

Look at the folded Snapbit™, this rabbit alike character surely will make your kitchen looks great!

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