Prostick is designed as a low cost, simple and functional hand blender set, aiming to offer users good performance for money. Due to its slim and curved-shape ergonomic handle area, which is designed considering female users, it provides an easy grip and a comfortable use. Chopper bowl of the set has relatively a larger capacity compared to other similar products in the market. In addition, getting the lid of Prostick’s chopper bowl on and off is facilitated thanks to its polygonal rim structure. The shape of the stainless-steel blending rod is optimized to ensure entire food to meet with blades without moving the rod up and down and to the sides in order to catch the uncut food. Segmentation of Prostick was managed through a well studied trend-oriented CMF practice and also with the use of different motor powers in blenders, enabling the brand to address a wide range of user groups with a single product.

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