Did you know? Massive huddles of Emperor penguins are crucial to keeping warm during Antartica’s brutal winter while they incubate their eggs. Huddled together trying to stay warm, these penguins seem to really make the best parents. The adult penguins surround their young as they struggle to survive the freezing temperatures and deadly winds. Nature Friendly Design Silicon used in PENGUINI is certified by the US FDA and EU for safety and hygienic cleanness. Also the Polyamide plastic does not contain any environmental hormones. PENGUINI will be your safest buddy in your kitchen. Emotionally Intelligent Design The design of PENGUNI was taken from penguins’ love for family. Resembling how penguins huddle up together, PENGUINI will be a fun yet significant reminder of what family should look like – be warm and cozy together. Color Therapy, Braille System, Fun Design Smart Design The embedded magnetics enable PENGUINI to stand on the base and stick to any metal objects. Not only that, PENGUINI is designed so that the head won’t touch the surface when placed down. No need to get messy while cooking anymore! Detailed Design, Off the Surface, Sticky Penguini.

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