1. The electric rice cooker adopts a rose gold true metal body, which enables consumers to experience truly high quality.
2. Interface design adopts pressure display design, this enables the cooking interaction of the product to become vivid and easy to be identified. The unique interface push-to-talk model of Midea enables the old and persons who are unfamiliar with the product to cook rice through pushing one key, so that the trouble caused by complex operation is avoided.
3. The product is connected with smart Internet, consumers can check the used working condition of the product by using a mobile phone „wifi“ client to correspond to the menu, so that cooking is fun and consumers can experience more cloud menu cooking.
4. Leading product technology: both variable pressure technology and multi-segment IH technology are pioneered high-end product technology, both of which have reached international leading level.
5. The vacuum liner is of a double-layered hollow structure, which enables heat to be stored in the liner without losing easily.

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