Square is an automatic smart rice cooker which combine the rice storage and cooking together. We adopt the concept of “ square“, to convey a sense of future with the most basic shape of square , to form a sense of rhythm through different segmentation and surface treatment. The core functions as follows:
A, Smart rice bin system: it has an independent smart rice bin, users can check the amount and the category of the rice remotely through phone app.
B, smart control system: it has an automatic smart control system, it will start work after receiving instructions, automatic adding rice and water to the rice cleaning area first, after washing, pushing the rice to the pot, and then adding enough water. The user can remotely control through the phone app, to make an appointment, without care, to eat as soon as getting home. Users can also use the 5.0 –inch touch screen to control. Touch screen system can be upgraded with the APP.
C, smart taste system: it has a smart taste correction system. Based on user feedback of the rice taste, the products can automatic correct the curve of cooking to the best cooking curve to match user’s requirements.

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