Kitchen Aid 2014 is proud to launch a colour palette inspired by Authentic materials: Cast Iron and Terracotta. This colour direction has been influenced by cast iron and ceramic clay nuance and textures. This is the first time, especially in EMEA area, that KitchenAid dares to propose a not-glossy texture. Cast Iron and Terracotta have been revitalized by contemporary design and are a significant presence in modern as well as country kitchens. Their colour and texture represent traditional cooking habits in a modern kitchen while creating contrast between present day and past world cooking routine. The tactile matte surface has been carefully created to enrich the user experience. Most importantly, Cast Iron and Terracotta are magnificent ‘bakers’, and the Kitchen Aid stand mixer’s roots are in the ability of making bread. Revitalized heritage and healthy cooking trends have also confirmed our choice. In addition to baking excellent performances, Cast Iron and Terracotta are considered ideal materials for cooking. Cast iron keeps temperatures constant while terracotta can be used to cook a variety of food.

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