Homemade food is a re-emerging trend. Nowadays consumers want to be aware of the entire food cycle by selecting fresh and healthy products, which adds value to every prepared dish.
The FusionMaster Mincer responds to this trend; it enables the consumer to process different types of fresh food with a professional and unique result. Ergonomics, ease of use and safety have been the main drivers while developing this kitchen appliance.
With a simple rotating switch operating a suction foot, the Mincer can be firmly attached to the worktop. To facilitate the assembly of the product, the design of the different components has been optimized and pictograms have been added where needed.
The wide hopper opening allows for easy filling and the performance of the product has been optimized by a complete re-engineering of the inner screw, which is processing the food and pushing it through the interchangeable front components.
Through the use of the different grids and stencils the mincer becomes a versatile tool, not only for mincing but also for the preparation of cookies, sausage and the Turkish specialty ‘Kebbe’.
As a storage solution the plunger can hold the interchangeable elements while not in use to guarantee an easy storage of the FusionMaster Mincer.

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