This coming year marks a notable transition for the Chef’n brand into counter-top worthy design with the FreshForce® Tabletop Citrus Press at the forefront of this evolution. This non-electric counter-top format citrus press blends the innovation of the gear mechanism in the Chef’n fan favorite, the handheld FreshForce™ citrus juicer, with a counter-top worthy design that, like the handheld version, delivers more juice with less effort.

Over the span of a year, our design team studied and tested various juicers and citrus juicing techniques resulting in a product that uses a completely different juicing approach. Instead of making the tool universal to all types of citrus, we made the fruit into a universal shape – flat. This is achieved by scoring the fruit rinds while applying downward pressure. The scoring of the rind releases tension and spans evenly across the entirety of the fruit, making the fruit easier to juice. As a result, it requires less user effort and results in less food waste. As an added benefit of lessening the juicing effort, the juicer itself endures less stress and gains product longevity.

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