The Breville Soft Top Luxe kettle features a classic-curved aesthetic with premium materials & finishes which are luxurious in feel.
The handle draws inspiration from iconic premium cookware designed to last the test of time.
Many kettles today are made from low quality materials that don’t consider the physical & emotional connection one gets from a well considered design. The beautiful & functional Soft Top Luxe handle incorporates manufacturing processes not seen before on an electric kettle. The craftsman like form is created using a combination of investment cast & sheet metal forming to create a handle that is unique, ergonomic & functional. It incorporates Brevilles single button soft lift design while reducing weight to save material excess & cost.
Safety is a paramount consideration. The Soft Top Luxe integrates a one handed one touch easy open lid with a soft open control to prevent hot water splash back. A rubber seal is used on the lid to stop steam egress, ensuring no steam can be exposed to hands whilst operating.
This cleverly considered product compliments the Breville visual brand language while defining an innovative style and function within the Luxe range.

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