BALMUDA The Pot is designed to enrich simple experiences you can get from an electric kettle.
Precise control of the water-flow is essential for hand drip coffee, whereas an abundant flow can be more practical at times. To satisfy both qualities, the curve of the nozzle has been precisely calculated and the shape of the handle thought out to enable smooth and easy control.

BALMUDA The Pot is a compact kettle which accommodates 600ml. Enough to fill 3 cups of coffee. The petite size and it’s light weight allows the user to handle it steadily so you can get just the right amount of hot water whether it is hand dripped coffee or a cup of instant noodles.

Good food brings joy to our lives. If your breakfast was more enjoyable, you might be able to go through the day with a more cheerful spirit. I believe that the role of today’s appliances, is to change everyday tasks, such as eating breakfast, into wondrous, amazing, splendid moments that will enhance your life.

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