STARESSO is a very interesting coffee maker with espresso, cappuccino, „quick cold brew“ functions all in small one. Small but Strong: Similar size as a mug but providing good coffee anywhere. With steady pressure 15~20 bar , it produce coffee and espresso which has rich flavor and nice cream. Simple & easy for using and cleaning Play Staresso for more: Adjustable tastes by controlling ground coffee, water, operation power and speed. You will enjoy to play with Staresso for refine espresso, milk foam, quick cold brew, and Americano… The only one coffee maker with „quick cold brew“ or „cold espresso“ function. Traditional cold brew machine takes several hours at least to make a coffee. While, it takes only several minutes for STARESSO to make a cup of cold brew coffee, which has very attractive cream and flavor much better than normal cold brew coffee. From coffee beginners to enthusiasts, Staresso is a good mate anywhere and providing a lot of fun to enjoy.

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