Responding to a client’s specific request about a new generation of bean-to-cup machine, Gruppo Cimbali, in collaboration with Valerio Cometti V12+ Design, has developed LaCimbali S30 Perfect Touch. The aim of the S30 is to promote reliability, top quality coffee and great flexibility for the user, through its distinctive features and a memorable design. The machine uses Wi-Fi to monitor and report quality control, consumables and output level, as well as cleaning and maintenance status and requirements. This data can be viewed via a PC, tablet or smartphone. The communication is two-way: you can adjust the parameters of the programmed selections. A capacitive Touch Screen with a 10.4” inch display allows an endless customization possibility: user-friendly graphic interface, custom screen saver, customizable drink icons and branding. The possibility of obtaining a wide range of beverages, starting from coffee-to-go at elevated temperatures to the Italian cappuccino. S30 is available in 3 different versions.

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