Two types of beans, two precision grinders, fresh milk and a representative and attractive design characterise the Kaffee Partner Crema Duo. It was developed by Kaffee Partner in cooperation with Schaerer Switzerland and a Swiss design agency. Many components are from Switzerland and are therefore available for absolute Swiss quality. The 25 kg low weight coffee dispenser measures 570 mm h x 346 mm b x 518 mm t. On the basis of the user optimally adjusted settings taste of beans, coffee strength, load capacity, choice and beans type can be adjusted for any need. An animated user guidance directs „step by step“ through the operation and prepares at least 13 coffee specialties for every taste. Due to various fresh milk fridges, the perfect milk froth is always obtained. The device has also a fresh water supply, but can be equipped with an external 5-liter water tank. As well due to the 7-inch Colourtouchsreen individual movies and photos can be imported via flash drive. Customers benefit from a simple Troubleshooter thanks to remote maintenance by telemetry.

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