De’Longhi premium drip coffee maker delivers excellent results thanks to an high precision brewing technique which provides superior flavor extraction.
Our machine works in two different functions in order to meet all the consumers tastes:
One function works respecting the strict parameters required by the European Coffee Brewers Centre (ECBC) and by the Specialty Coffe Association of America (SCAA). These parameters can only be achieved by meeting three criteria: Brewing at a temperature between 92-96 °C, a brewing time between 4 and 6 minutes, and an even distribution of the water over the coffee grounds. As we met these requirements we have the certification of these two institutes.
The other function automate the pour over process controlling the water flow in a slower way, the machine stop the brewing process every few second, delivering a more consistent and bolder flavour without the traditional manual effort.
The „hourglass“ shape with his transparencies and the precious finishings comunicate the functionality of the machine. The direct infusion from the water tank to the coffee ground semplify the usability and reduce the size the product.

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