Cremesso stands for unique coffee indulgence. With this requirement coffee capsule and coffee machines continuously are optimized. Only the perfect match between capsule and machine
creates the perfect coffee experience.

The Cremesso casule machine Compact One has been successful on market for several years.
Therefore Cremesso forces the technical progress of the machine. The machine technical was completely redesigned with new funtions. The preinfusion function enables to produce a more intense espresso or ristretto. Individual pump settings also ensure that your lungos develop an even more complex aroma profile. Furthermore the machine is very quiet.

The target of the redesign of the machine was to keep the successful design but to optimize it. So it communicates the hole machine was redesigned but still is the best choice for coffee experience. The customer will recognize the machine.

Furthermore the chromed outlett gives a clear focus on the coffee as product made of the machine.

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