1. Is there anything finer than a freshly brewed cup of coffee? But to get that, you need a few things, great ingredients, hot water and of course, the grinder that delivers perfectly ground beans every time. That is the aim of this adjustable, precision grinding machine.

2. Featuring 8 settings that cover every brew method, this manual, easy to use coffee grinder allows you to tailor your grind to suit the coffee you are about to make. You get the finesse of a barista right in your own home, in an easy to use, stylish coffee grinder.

3. Easy to use, the ergonomically designed grinder is adjusted to any of its 8 settings by simply turning the numbered wheel. 1 is designed for Expresso makers, 2 or 3 are for AeroPress style machines, 4 and 5 are for a pour over coffee maker, 7 is for a cold drip style machine, and 8 is perfect for a French Press machine.

4. The subtle, narrow hipped shape is ergonomic, providing an easy grip when grinding, ensuring safe use at all times while providing a sleek, elegant look.

5. Using a corrosion resistant stainless steel burr, this precision grinder delivers the perfect ground coffee for your needs, every time.

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