The Barista Touch builds upon innovative espresso technology to create true café quality coffee at home, all within a compact footprint. It automates and simplifies the milk texturing process, allowing the user to personalise temperatures and micro-foam textures essential for latte art. The user simply fills the provided milk jug and places it on the temperature sensor. The steam wand automatically heats and textures the milk to the users’ desired setting.

Traditionally domestic espresso machines use a thermo block heater to heat water and make steam. Due to their large thermal mass they have a relatively long heat up time. The Barista Touch uses a fast response low mass flow through heater which reduces heat up time to 3 seconds and allows precise temperature control of hot water and steam.

The Barista Touch intuitively guides consumers through these challenges with the convenience of a touch screen interface, allowing users to simply swipe and select from a café-style menu of coffee favourites or create and personalise their own drinks.

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