The American Press was inspired by an idea to keep grounds contained in a “pod” to avoid the cleanup hassle other press designs address only after the fact (such as Oxo’s 8-cup French press which seeks to solve the problem by providing a ladle to lift out the grounds).

This pod design also created a certain visual magic unique to American Press. As you press, a column of clear water disappears and a column of brewed coffee seemingly floats on top of the remaining water, the one growing as the other disappears. This process also preserves the best of French press (rich, oily coffee) while removing the worst (gritty, muddy dregs). The same can be said when comparing American Press to „pour over“. We preserve the best of the nuance, brightness and clarity pour over is famous for, while removing the worst parts of pour over, the labor and steep learning curve.

The result is a carefully designed brewing experience that is free of many of the hassles and obstacles of other manual brewers, including cleanup that’s as simple as detaching the pod and shaking grounds into a wastebasket or compost, so it’s easy to clean and creates no landfill waste.

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