Innovation infared gas stove with environmenti-friendliness,utility, aesthetics and economic benefit!

RedSun new generation infrared gas cooker features complete pre-mixed flameless combustion, accurate control over air-gas proportion, and sufficient burning without waste. The tombarthite coating on the ceramic chip surface of a gas cooker can inhibit the generation of nitrogen oxides (NOx) contained in “offgas”, basically eliminate CO generated due to the insufficient combustion process, and at the same time, greatly reduce the ratio of the two kinds of poisonous gas. The porous ceramicsof high infrared emission ratecan make the heat transmit in thermal radiant form, with thermal efficiency up to 75% and 40% higher in terms of energy-saving performance compared with conventional burners. Thanks to the technology of the intelligent voice reminder, timer as the anti-dry combustion protection and the new generationof ion flameout protectiontechnology, such gas cookercares about your family with human-machine interactive operation experience, “SOUND” level safety assurance, and human-oriented value.

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