Beko New Hob Series a modern and user-friendly cooking system supported with not only the cast iron continious pan supports but also modern looking single pan supports which is combined with circular cast iron base providing extraordinary and contemporary look to all cooktop family.

Specially designed and shaped continious pan supports are totally extended till the side edges of the inox base to provide unusual and comfortable cooking experience for the users with its increased and undivided cooking space. The serie also has a slim control panel on which the rotary and real metal standart knobs are placed centrally to provide a understandable and aligned positioning. This slim panel is also helps to have an extended cooking area by decraising the unfunctional spaces. In addition, dimensions of the burner bases are extremely reduced to support minimalistic, sleek and modern look of the cooktop family.

The cooking system is combined with both inox and glass bases, different sizes from 60 cm. to 75 cm., different types of glass frame and different burner types to fill the design needs of its end users.

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