Sink Dishwasher (JBSD3T-Q7)
The product pioneers the crossover 3-in-1 integration of kitchen sink, dishwasher, fruit and vegetable cleaner, which has not only addressed the tight space issue in Chinese kitchen, but also fully met the inherent layout of kitchen waterway, solving the installation difficulty and greatly enhancing the kitchen integrity.
The whole unit adopts pure hand-polished stainless steel tank, small R angle design at straight-arm splicing, tank surface covered with black crystal tempered glass panel, inlaid silver border, making it noble and elegant while still very easy to clean.
Three-tank vertical design: Left independent produce tank adopting ultrasonic cavitation effect combined with turbulent technology can eliminate above 90% of pesticide residues on the surface of fruits and vegetables. Right tank features both dishwashing and produce cleaning functions. The unique „Space lattice technology“ ensures perfect dish cleaning in just about 30 minutes, with drying and sterilization accomplished in one step.

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