Soul’s key characteristic is the ideal blend of functionality and hedonism, expressed through real solutions for those who use their kitchens not only as working areas but also as places for entertaining. On the one hand, the choice of materials capable of delivering high performance and appearance standards, and on the other, technological and design solutions that simplify tasks, in terms of both food preparation and clearing up.
The fusion of kitchen and living spaces is made more flexible by modular elements like the Medley shelving system. Cyclos, with its top which revolves to suit the time of day, can be transformed from a snack top to a genuine dining table. Soul could be also characterized by the SteadyTable, the new table with open-fronted compartments fitted with leather containers.
Sophisticated design, convenient and stylish but also with a healthy environment in mind: the Tag Filter handles have an aeration filter that allows air exchange inside the unit. The In Line wall unit has a simple, stylish look thanks to the opening/closing system totally concealed in the side panels, an exclusive feature of this project.

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