A precious drawer, completely panelled in natural Oak, compliments the wine cooler.
Two versions – with an external finish in black glass or steel – are available, each one a luxurious element designed to enrich the tasting experience. The drawer houses a sommelier tasting kit: one steel and wood corkscrew, one steel vacuum wine saver with two silicone corks, one Spumante wine cork, cork to pour wine, one drip-catcher, one sparkling wine steel and wood cork, a pair of Spumante pincers, one thermometer with housing, one red wine cork and one steel and wood funnel.
Technical features:
Slavonia oak wooden shelf
Wine pump + 2 silicon corks
Sparkling wines cork
Cork to pour wine
Anti-drip cork
Solid steel cork for Champagne
Champagne/ sparkling wine pincers
Corkscrew sommelier
Still wines cork
Wine thermometer with housing
Black Eclipse glass with copper or stainless steel finishing

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