The headroom hood is characterized by a an elegant and high-class design as well as by the revolutionizing Eco-Jet-technology (ejs). By means of the ejs principle – in a similar way as in the case of a jet nozzle – the sucked-in air is strongly compressed and smoothly freed from oil and grease particles. A grease and oil separation of clearly more than 95% is permanently achieved with the constant sucking power – reductions of performance due to clogged filters are a thing of the past. And this although the motor, which won a prize with a certificate from the German Institute for Environmental Strategy, requires 66% less energy than comparable systems (A++). By a special supply air technology a condensate formation in the front of the cooker hood is avoided by 2 supply air outlets. Fitted by the forward-looking Bemotion Plus technology not only the color temperature and the brightness of the cooker hood lighting but also further lighting circuits in the kitchen and living area can be controlled by the innovative control panel. This guarantees a harmonic illumination atmosphere.

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