Glassline is a hood with a completely new visual control concept. The highlight: The look is no longer interrupted by a separate control panel, but the control electronics are integrated seamlessly into the elegant (black or white) glass panel. If the hood is not in use, only the discreet on/ off button indicates the hidden electronics. Only at touch, the individual operator symbols are visible through an LED backlight. The sensor-touch features round the visionary design in a comfortable manner.
Clear-cut lines in side profile makes Glassline versatile: It can be installed under the upper cabinet of the kitchen or even be integrated into it, so that the sophisticated design complements the kitchen architecture of a continuous, straight line cabinet style.
The technical equipment with energy-saving EC fan motor with 630 m³/h at only 45dB (A) makes cooking with Glassline a total comfort experience in a peaceful and hygienic environment.
The basis is the patented berbel principle of filterless centrifugal separation which guarantees a particularly silently and efficiently suction performance.

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