1, the product equipped with 4.5-inch IPS HD touch screen, all operations are achieved through the touch screen, excellent UI control experience;
2, Shuaikang unique patented technology: 360 accelerator, the selling point is conducive to accelerating suction effect, reducing noise;
3, Shuaikang unique patented technology: Twin wheels, impeller double into the wind, smoking more powerful;
4, the original B-class motor: Shuaikang motor design and production of the original factory, each product’s motor adaptation match, run more stable, better performance, longer service life;
5, high performance: normal 20 cubic suction, 400Pa wind pressure;
6, the wind with the fiery technology: hood can monitor the fire with the stove, hood operation can be based on the size of the stove to adjust the amount of air flow;
7, adaptive ventilation technology: This feature can be intelligent in the kitchen ventilation environment, to the kitchen fresh air;
8, delayed shutdown: After cooking, the hood can be 3min delayed shutdown, to ensure that the kitchen does not have cooking aftertaste;
9,smoke machine using laser welding machine and pure hand-polished, process more refined.

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